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Woodland Hills Personal Trainer Rates


Larry is in Woodland Hills, CA and provides personal training at Woodland Hills Athletic Club. 

WHAC Membership required for clients - only $39 per month

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16 WEEK SERIES : $75 per session (48 sessions) 3 sessions / week. 

8 WEEK SERIES : $85 per session (24 sessions) 3 sessions / week. 

6 WEEK SERIES : $90 per session (18 sessions) 3 sessions / week.  

4 WEEK SERIES : $95 per session (12 sessions) 3 sessions / week.  

2 WEEK JUMP START : $100 per session (6 sessions) 3 sessions / week.  

ACCELERATED PROGRAM : 4-6 sessions per week for the fastest results! 

STARTER PROGRAM : Custom designed workout and diet plan for you. Ideal for just getting yourself started.

IN HOME / ON LOCATION : Rates vary from $100 per session by location.  Call for details.


NOTE: Industry standard is 3 sessions per week for the average client. You may opt to fewer or more sessions per week depending on your lifestyle and fitness goals.  

Individual sessions with no package commitment are also available.






 4 days

5 days

6 days

going to the next level

intense, weekends off

for competition or event



Call / email for rate details.

Other options

FULL SERVICE FITNESS VACATION : Lose weight and transform your body quickly and easily while staying in the lap of luxury in beautiful ocean front accommodations in Santa Monica.  Includes lodging, food, cooking lessons, work out 2-3 times per day, enjoy all beautiful Santa Monica has to offer! For stays of one week or more.


Acupuncture in Los Angeles


"L.A. Body" TRAVELER'S PACKAGE: While staying in Los Angeles,  spend some of your time at my exclusive gym for a lifetime tool to take home with you.  I will show you how you too can develop an "LA Body." This includes private training, customized workout plan and diet.  Treat yourself to the best!  Click here to book your travel arrangements


WEDDING PACKAGE: Special couples training deals for brides and grooms.



Online Personal Training


 Customized workout and nutritional plan for you to achieve your fitness goals, plus unlimited email support. 

San Fernando Valley In Home Personal Training Area

Woodland Hills San Fernando Valley LA Valley Encino Tarzana Calabasas Topanga Hidden Hills


When it Comes to Health and Fitness: Easy Does It

If you're starting from a sedentary lifestyle it's best for you to ease into a new health and fitness routine.

Every single type of journey or quest cannot begin if the first step isn’t taken. In order to live a healthier life, you will need to make that first step. Start by spending less time in front the computer and more time into learning how to create a better diet, this step alone will send you on your way to better health, as well as an increased self-confidence about your body.

The University Feinberg School of Medicine reports that taking this step will not only improve one’s health, but will also encourage people to make adjustments to their current lifestyle which will result in a much healthier life overall. If you stop spending time in front of the computer or the television, you will most likely do something that requires physical activity while also reducing the amount of unhealthy snacks you eat. However, when you do have a snack, make sure it is one that contains fruits or vegetables rather than salty, processed chips. This is the best way to manage your weight while also giving providing the body with the nutrients it needs to thrive. The first step is usually the hardest to make, but once you’ve taken it then the rest of the journey will be a breeze.

This step is especially important for those that want to exercise more and eat healthier, but just don’t seem to know how to do it. Although wanting to live a healthier life is good, it means nothing until you have actually made that first step. It does not have to be an immediate dramatic change, just start slowly and make changes gradually. Those who have been inactive for a long period of time will definitely have trouble taking part in any sort of strenuous activity, so it important that you take it as slow as you need to in order to prevent injury or overexertion.

The most effective way to get started would be to break down your goals into steps that are easier to take. To start, slowly replace the processed foods you are so used to with healthier alternatives. Make a change to your bad habits every couple of weeks and replace them with something good. It may be wise to start exercising with someone that will keep you motivated, such as a personal trainer. They would devise a plan for you at the pace you prefer while making sure that you are building up you endurance, strength, flexibility, and overall health as effectively as possible.

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